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When a Flats®Cat passes over the water, air is injected or rammed into the large bow entrance raising the boat up out of the water allowing the boat to ride on top of the waves and gently walk from side to side on the Cat Hulls, thus eliminating the pounding affect created by most mono Hulls. The seemingly flat hulls push water straight out away from the boat, far enough that spray cannot be drafted up the almost vertical sides, and into the boat. Since natural waves are uneven in their physical make up and do not roll evenly like a wake from a boat, the Cat Hulls encounter different waves at different intervals creating a side to side or walking motion. During extreme chop conditions, the sharp corners of the Flats®Cat act like the keel of a V-bottom hull to disipate the energy of the waves for a smooth dry ride. To put it simply, a mono hull in rough water is like jumping up and down on one foot and a catamaran is like walking smoothly on both feet.

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