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Gulf Coast Outdoors - September 2001
By Larry Hyland
 "...it would be incorrect to label the Flats®Cat as a "flat-bottomed" boat. The hulls are gently curved from bow to transom, a nautical interpretation of the runner on a rocking chair."

"Performance characteristics (17 footer) coming out of the hole were nearly identical with the 21-footer, and the 90HP Yamaha cruised the 17 in the mid-30's and would sprint into the mid-40's at full bore."

SEACOR Environmental
 "SEACOR Environmental presents the patened custom built Flats®Cat work boat. Combining the catamaran's famous smooth ride..."

"...the Flats®Cat is able to run in extremely shallow water..."

"The Flats®Cat has excellence performance in both shallow, and rough & deep water."

Gulf Coast Boating - September 1999
By Al Rogers
"The catamaran hull was designed and is built for a smooth ride in rough seas and glide across water less than an inch deep."

"In rough water, I could put a soft drink in the tower, and it wouldn't spill."

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