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You can only purchase your NEW FlatsŪCat FACTORY DIRECT from C.A.T., Inc.
Please contact Bill Allison by calling 281-342-3940, or email bill@flatscat.com

We offer 3 models to choose from:

All are equipped with standard features and trailers described on Features page.

Prices effective April 1, 2014
Call For Price
Call For Price
Call For Price

FlatsŪ Cat boats are so unique in design and performance that most purchasers prefer to add or delete certain options.  For this reason, we prefer to price each boat individually. The above prices are base prices only. All are fully equipped with standard features and trailers described on Features page.

Please call Bill Allison at 281-342-3940 for complete pricing info.

Approximate delivery time for a FlatsŪ Cat can be estimated after receipt of deposit.  Delivery time can also vary based upon time of year.  After delivery date has been set, arrangements can be made to pick up your boat at our plant in Rosenberg, Texas or you may have it shipped to your location.

A refundable deposit of $1000 is required for your new FlatsŪ Cat.

Payment by check should be mailed to:
C.A.T., Inc.
1565 Patton Rd.
Rosenberg, TX 77471

We do not sell motors
We have several local dealers that would be happy to rig your boat to your specifications, or you may want to prearrange your motor purchase through a dealer of you choice. However, we are happy to assist you with suggestions.
Pricing subject to change without notice.

For specific boat information, call Bill Allison at 281-342-3940
E-mail: bill@flatscat.com

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