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"My wife and I are enjoying our Flats Cat. It took a little time to get accustomed to the feel of the shallow draft boat, but we are very comfortable with it now. It is so stable even in rougher water that we have been taking our grand-children out to get them hooked on fishing. Our investment in this first class boat has been well worth it."

Magnolia, Texas

"Good to hear from you. I am not good at composing letters but here it goes- I am 77 years young-have had boats since I was 18 years old. Lost count years ago of number. For inland waters and coastal flats, and tidal lakes, which I have fished from Galveston to Brownsville, the Flats Cat 21' which I have had about three years is by far the greatest fishing rig I have ever had, will probably keep it. A few more-it has performed just as you claimed, smooth, fast, stable, and very dry in chop.

Alice, Texas

"At 5-6" draft at rest with load, Flats Cat is ideal for drift fishing the shallow flats. Neat, clean, tiny, with no clutter inside. Easy in and out for wade fishing. This is a "fish anywhere" boat. A soft, easy ride to and from the fishing hole in all kinds of water conditions. The hull design provides unbelievable fuel efficiency. I fish all day on 10 gallons of fuel. That's fishing at 20 miles radius out of Port O'Conner. Peggy and I really haven't found any negatives."

Wallis, Texas

"I purchased an 18'6 Flats Cat in October 1998. The boat is rigged with a Johnson 90 hp, CMC Jack Plate (purchased with the boat), and a 13x16 four blade prop. As a fly fisherman, my boat design and performance needs were specific. First, I needed a boat with enough of an open bow area suitable for fly casting to ensure no fly line foul ups. The Flats Cat design allowed for this with the extra benefit of an elevated bow section, which at rest puts the fisherman a good distance above the water. The need for a bow platform for sight casting is not necessary. Second, the cat design allows for great stability while fishing in a drift situation. You would have to jump up and down constantly to get any type of noticeable movement unlike most V-hulls...makes for quite a drift. Third, since I wade about 80% of the time, I wanted a boat capable of entering/exiting skinny water. In about 8" water, I have come on plane within 10'. That was without turning of the use of any stabilizer plates. You have to see it to believe it. Lastly, the construction of the boat is far superior to other flats and people recognize it. I took my boat in for routine engine maintenance recently and the marina owner told me about 5 people came in to see if the Flats Cat was for sale. He offered to sale it on consignment for me! I don't think so."

Corpus Christi, Texas

"I purchased the 21' Flats Cat boat with a 90 hp Honda in November 1999 and have used it extensively since then. I primarily fish in the shallow water, near the mangroves, of Charlotte Harbor, Florida. The boat is a pleasure to use as it is very stable, gets up on plane very fast in shallow water and rides the waves well when the wind blows. I have yet to be grounded with it. I fish alone a lot and the boat is very safe and fun to use."

El Jobean, Florida

"I have owned a "Cat" for two years and only stuck it in the sand once. When I got out the top of my feet were dry. To my surprise my wife and I were able to pull the boat to deep water alone. I don't run extremely shallow all the time, but when I want to I can with no hesitation. I think the rated speed of 40 to 50 mph is a little optimistic as I get only 34 mph by GPS with a 125 hp motor. This may not be my "last" boat but it will be my "only" boat!!"

Victoria, Texas

"This boat propels very well in as little as 2/3 inches of water. I have found this boat to be stable and relatively dry in 2 to 3 foot seas. I have used this boat in Wachapraegue, Virginia and in the sound of Hatteras Island."

Wexford, Pennsylvania

"Over the years of flats fishing I have owned Ranger, Action Craft, Shoalwater, and Alumiweld boats. In 1997, I purchased a 21' Flats Cat and mounted a Yamaha 150 dual prop counter rotation motor with a CMC jack plate. Since I purchased this boat it has been used in the flats and offshore. The boat will draft 9" of water with a full fuel tank, 150 motor, 140 quart and 80 quart ice chest filled to the top, four people with all of their fishing gear, trolling motor, and three batteries. The boat equipped in this manner will get up on plane in 12" of water and run in less than 6" of water without leaving any prop marks on the bay bottom. I have yet to get any nicks or dings on the props or lower unit of the motor. The boat has a dryer and smoother ride than any of the previous mentioned boats I have owned. In so far as a boat for the coastal flats I am very satisfied with it's performance."

Aransas Pass, Texas

"I was searching for a bay boat that was smooth running with shallow water capabilities and hopefully dry. I looked, rode in boats for test rides and even hired guides that had the particular boat I was looking for to get an extended trial. I did this for three years. The first thing I learned was the the Florida style flats boats (Hewes, Maverick, etc.) do not have the ultra shallow performance needed for the Texas flats. I was then able to place the boats into two categories. The smooth riding boats. These usually were a good ride, but at the sacrifice of increased draft. These included Bay Stealth, Blue Wave, Kenner, Hydrasport, Century, Gulf Coast, Bay Hawk, etc. Then I explored the the Texas-made shallow running boats: Mayak, Stoner, Shallowsport, Tran, Explorer, Shoalwater. These were all very fine boats, but were somewhat rough and wet. The next step was the custom boats of El Pescador and Flats Cat. The Flats Cat was the shallowest running of all the boats and yet had a ride as good or better than those of the first group. The boat will run the shallower than any prop boat that I know of. In fact, it will go shallower than. I am sometimes comfortable running it. (My last trip, the only other boat in my fishing area was an airboat!) It is a wonderful combination of ultra shallow performance but yet still capable of handling the rough water. It even proved to be a good ski boat for the kids. An added plus is the efficiency of the catamaran hull. Not any other 21' boat could perform so well with only a 125 hp motor. I will undoubtedly make the same choice in boats when I get ready for my next one."

Dr. Dean
Dripping Springs, Texas

"Being brought up on the coast (Port Lavaca) I have tried many of boats. The Flats Cat is everything I thought it would be and more. The boat runs smooth and shallow and is well built. The Flats Cat to me is the shallowest running boat, I've ever owned, and I've owned plenty, plus the way it handles the chop. But the best thing is the way it shoots out of the water, when shallow, and you don't even need a whale's tail, because it has one custom built already."

Port Lavaca, Texas

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