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"My 21' Flats Cat powered with a 130 Hp has surpassed my expectations. The boat is fast and smooth riding even across Aransas Bay on a rough day. The shallow water capability of the hull has expanded the fishing water accessible to me now. The bottom line is the Flats Cat gets me to more places faster!"

San Antonio, Texas

"I believe I bought the third fiberglass Flats Cat that was built in 1989. I still own the boat and am satisfied with it now as when I purchased it . This boat will run in very shallow water, as I am sure lots of boats out there today will do, but what probably impresses me more is that this boat will take on rough water and give a smooth and dry ride. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this boat to anyone who wants the same."

Port Lavaca, Texas

"You make a fabulous boat. I can't imagine a better boat for the shallow marshes of South Louisiana. When it's too shallow for your trolling motor, but you can still get on the step and run, you know you've got the right rig."

Houma, Louisiana

"This hull performs at a beautiful level. It is fitted out by Huey. Your apparent backlog of orders speaks volumes to the positive word of mouth advertisement."

Houston, Texas

"I have enjoyed my boat and have recommended it to friends and associates. It does what it was represented to do. You probably should put a warning sticker on the transom..."Do NOT follow this boat into shallow water."

Ennis, Texas

"The Flats Cat is a truly versatile boat. I live in Cocodrie, La. and use it on the lakes and out to the beach in the summer. In the winter, I fish inside in the marsh, bayous, and shallow lakes. It takes rough water very good and runs dry. In shallow water--if it floats --I can run it. I have fished 6 people in my boat with no problem. You can fish 4 or 5 people on one side and the boat doesn't tilt over like a mono-hull. I have a 125 hp Mercury on my boat. The biggest plus is that you have a solid 21' long, 7 1/2' wide boat with lots of fishing space--all flat--without a big 200 hp gas guzzler on it. The more I use it, the better I like it."

Chauvin, Louisiana

"I fish the South Louisiana marsh in the Cocodrie area. My 21' fiberglass Flats Cat if the perfect boat for me because not only will it handle marsh fishing, it will also handle rough water allowing me to fish the Isles Derineres. This boat is also great for drift fishing due to low wind resistance."

Lafayette, Louisiana

"I admit I had some doubts when I first got my boat, but after using it for two years, those doubts are gone. The boat runs super shallow and handles well in rough water. It is dry and provides excellent fish ability, I would not hesitate to recommend it to anyone for a fishing boat."

Dallas, Texas

"I've had my Flats Cat for a year now, I bought it on the recommendation of several guides in Rockport, and it has been every bit as good as advertised. It is the perfect fishing machine for shallow water bays. If someone stole my boat today, I'd order another Flats Cat tomorrow."

Houston, Texas

"I live on and fish in the Laguna Madre. The Laguna is the shallowest bay system on the Texas coast. In my opinion, the 21' Flats Cat I own is the shallowest running, best performing boat on the Laguna. It truly out performs all other brands."

Corpus Christi, Texas

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