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"I did a huge amount of research into the various options available in flats boats. What I found was that all of the conventional style boats on the market performed about the same. To achieve the things desired in a true flats boat requires an unconventional approach. This is what the Flats Cat does. And as long as the laws of physics remain, this will be the case. A conventional style flats boat hull cannot approach the performance of the Flats Cat. Period."

The Woodlands, Texas

"I have been fishing every week since 1953. I have been in almost every kind of boat made, but the Flats Cat is the best boat I have ever been in! The emblem you have on the side of the boat, tells it all! Smoothest-Driest-Shallowest. Most of the boats have a bevel on each side, on the inside, which is a fall out hazard! I am in love with everything on this Flats Cat 21'. I have a 115 hp motor. Gets up in very shallow water, will go in the shallowest water, doesn't splash water in when I am running. It's very smooth, no matter what direction the wind is blowing! Very easy to get in or out, for wading. I like the people that work at Flats Cat. What else can you want?"

Victoria, Texas

"When I picked up my boat I asked Bill Allison for operating instructions. His advice was --"If you see water, floor it, if you see land turn." Bill was right on. I have found very few places where I cannot go, or get out of. If you want to know how the Flats Cat operates, read the side of the boat."

Tomball, Texas

"Speaking for someone who doesn't get the opportunity to fish often enough to really learn all the areas I fish, "It's great!" My 21' Flats Cat allows me access to areas without to much consideration for what might be under or near the surface of the water. My Flats Cat is equipped with a 115 hp inshore Yamaha, jack plate, hydraulic steering and 4 blade prop. This combination allows me to access almost any area I choose to fish. As for the ride, I believe the Flats Cat unique hull will deliver the smoothest and driest ride of any "shallow running" boat on the market today. I have and will continue to recommend the Flats Cat boat line to those individuals who desire to run the skinny water. A ride is worth a thousand words!"

Alvin, Texas

"We have had our 18.5' Flats Cat since the spring of 1996 and are very pleased with it. The Flats Cat has the most innovative and original hull design on the Texas coast, as your patent will attest to. These days so many of the boats out there are just copies of each other with few, if any variations from one to the next. It is truly refreshing to see someone who has come up with something on their own, instead of copying an existing design. The boat is amazingly dry in any wind direction or velocity. The only time I ever notice any spray is occasionally while getting up on plane. Once on plane, the boat is bone dry, which is really nice on those cold spring mornings! I have been in many boats that will just plain soak you in anything but glass conditions. The ride qualities of this boat are pretty phenomenal considering that it is first and foremost a skinny-water rig. Going straight into a chop, you will get some minor pounding, but this is largely controllable with throttle and trim settings. If you can quarter the waves at all, then the ride is pure magic and again dry as can be. In fact, I have found the bigger and sloppier the waves are, the better the boat rides as it walks gently from side-to-side. It's funny to watch a new passenger's reaction when meeting an oncoming boat wake. They instinctively grab for the hand rail only to find the boat gently rocks back and forth over the wakes. Now for the performance part. With our 90 hp and four-blade Predator prop our boat comes up on plane with ease. My usual routine is to idle out of a spot gently increasing the speed until I feel the stern is fixing to squat a little. At this point, I give it the gas and it pops right up on plane. This happens so fast, that as soon as the rpms come up you are immediately backing down on the throttle because, well, you are already on plane! If we were to do anything different, it would be to go with a 115 instead of the 90 to gain some more top-end speed. Running shallow is no problem at all. We have never had any overheating problems thanks to the generous amounts of water that exit the tunnel. One of the final deciding factors in choosing the Flats Cat was the fact that it both runs AND floats in shallow water. Many boats out there will run shallow, but need considerably more water to float in. Make a navigational mistake and it could be a real long day. To wrap it up, we would definitely buy another Flats Cat, which just about says it all."

Lake Jackson, Texas

"I wanted to write and tell you what I think of my new Flats Cat. I originally bought the boat for primarily shallow water running, but soon found out how will the boat performs in all conditions. The better proof construction and weight of the boat makes it ideal for those long runs across choppy bays and even near shore trips offshore! All the while staying dryer than any bay boat I've ever owned. The all aluminum trailer is an added bonus. You really have paid attention to the details. Thanks for building me a great boat!"

Boerne, Texas

"I bought my Flats Cat in 1995. I have never been disappointed with it. If I had to buy another boat today to fish the flats and bays, it would be a Flats Cat."

Houston, Texas

"Thanks for giving me the chance to tell about my 2000 21' Flats Cat. I have used my boat to fish in the gulf fishing for cobia it does everything you said it would. It is power with a 130 hp motor. The only problem I have is having to spend time telling people about the boat."

Vernon, Florida

"Absolutely the best boat on the water. I have been fishing the Louisiana coastal area for 35 years and was have the dilemma of needing two boats to fish all of the areas around. One boat for bay and island fishing, and one boat for shallow marsh fishing. Now I have it all in one owning a Flats Cat. In 4 foot seas to 2 inches of water, the boat is the absolute best in performance. My boat is powered by a 115 four-stroke Yamaha and the efficiency and power is perfect. I have owned 5 boats in the past and this should last me for my fishing duration."

Baton Rouge, Louisiana

"I fish from Sabine to South Bay in Port Isabel. All different types of bays. This boat seems to handle every situation I've encountered better than any other I've owned or fished in including Gulf Coast 200, Shoalwater, Kenner, etc. Rig'em out like you want without buying all of the extra bells and whistles that never get used."

Alvin, Texas

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