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"The first day we had our Flats Cat we took it in 5-6 foot seas. We approached the waves from every possible angle. We never got sprayed or lost control. The Flats Cat handles rough water much better than I ever expected. I looked for 2 years for a boat that could get into six inches of water and fit 4 people comfortably. The Flats Cat was the only thing I found that can do that."

New Orleans, Louisiana

"Stability, Stability, Stability...still amazes about the Flats Cat. Weighing 225 pounds and most of my fishing buddies in excess of 225 pounds, we can stand on one corner of my boat and still not have it move. It is very simple. And I still on occasion get in places I shouldn't have because the boat will run in almost no water. Bow rise is almost non-existent. Truly a great shallow water fishing boat."

Houston, Texas

"When researching shallow draft boats that would meet our fishing needs, we were very skeptical of what the Flats Cat could do. After talking with several owners of the Flats Cat, we found their testimonies to be consistent with your claims. February 1998, we purchased our first. WOW! Not only did the boat perform as you said, but it exceeded our expectations. In July 2000, we were CATin' around in the flats in Rockport, Texas, and accidentally went on the wrong side of a channel. When we saw a Crane standing in water no higher than its ankles (figuratively speaking), it was too late to slow down and turn around; we were already committed. You cannot imagine the excitement we felt when we got across without hesitation or getting stuck. UNBELIEVABLE!! We KNEW the Flats Cat was the RIGHT CHOICE for our shallow water excursions. Being able to operate in shallow water was our main priority. In addition, we found that this boat gives us the driest ride in rough waters when other boats caused us to get soaking wet. We feel that through our experiences, we cannot express enough, the pride we have in being a Flats Cat owner. Every time we take the boat out, there is a least one person who will ask us many questions about our Flats Cat. All of our answers are given with the highest praise. If anyone wants the best for shallow water fishing, the Flats Cat is the only choice. We are looking forward to purchasing our second Flats Cat, the Thompson's "Wampus Cat II."

Warren & Shannon
Houston, Texas

"My boat was purchased in 1996 it is powered with 125hp Mariner, the fuel efficiency of the mid-size motor and 40 gallon tank allows me to fish long distances from my base. There has not been a trip that some one on board has not made favorable comment about the many good qualities of the boat. I looked at other boats before I bought my Flats Cat, but I did not want a 200hp motor with the added weight and fuel consumption to achieve to performance on other boats. My boat is used almost year round fishing, hunting, trawling, bird watching, or boat riding. It is a perfect match for the coastal marsh, lakes, and barrier islands for south Louisiana. I never worry about running aground as it floats in 4 to 5 inches of water and will run in less. It is pleasures to fish from the Flats Cat the low sides allow landing fish without a net. The twin hulls add to the stability even in rough seas it hardly rocks. Once fishing the surf at near by barrier island in the trough between the beach and first sand bar I took a wave over the bow and put 4 to 5 inches of water in the boat. The self-bailing scuppers emptied the boat quickly and I continued fishing knowing I was safe in my Flats Cat. Many boat owners in this area own two boats, a small one to fish the shallow marsh and a larger one for the lakes and barrier islands. The Flats Cat is at home in the marsh and in the lakes. I rather have one boat to do it all than two with all the cost and maintenance needed. Casual observers have told me that my boat is not pretty, but I believe that looks are only gel coat deep and the real beauty is in the performance. I'd buy another Flats Cat in a heart beat."

Chauvin, Louisiana

"Here are three pictures taken from my boat in the Florida Keys in about 6" of water. The boat is great. I can run at 30 mph through rough chop and stay dry and comfortable. I fish up close to islands in one boat or less of water. I do not know of any other boat where three men can comfortably fish the flats of the Florida Keys."

Knoxville, Tennessee

"Well, we finally actually touched bottom with the Flats Cat. How shallow? I was watching people in Apalachicola literally walking in ankle deep water right next to us. If we would have been on plane I doubt we would have even brushed bottom then! This boat is fantastic on smooth and choppy days. Think we managed to get sprayed once in nasty weather with really heavy chop in the bay. Easy to plane? Just push the throttle over and start to pull back and you are there. We have the 18 foot model and have been incredibly happy with it. It goes anywhere and does anything. Advice to new buyers...make sure your rigger knows what they are doing. Once we got the right prop we were business. Would also suggest the leaning post with the storage. Thanks Bill! It was worth the wait!"

Fort Walton Beach, Florida

"I bought my Flats Cat in July of 1991, still have it. I fish 100 to 130 days a year. It is the most shallow running, driest riding boat on the market."

El Campo, Texas

"I have owned several shallow water boats over the last 15 years. The last being an El Pescador. I fish mainly the Port O' Connor to Rockport area. I currently have 21' Flats Cat powered by a 115 HP Evinrude Ficht. When the 115 HP was first suggested I thought Bill was nuts. I told the dealer rigging the engine I wanted at least 150 HP, and was told it was not needed. They were right. The boat runs 40+ mph with same fuel economy as a 17' aluminum boat with 60 HP. Less weight on the transom is a big plus. This is the shallowest running boat I have ever owned or seen. The space on deck and front casting platform is unmatched. The cat hull gives an extremely first shallow water boat choice."

Richmond, Texas

"My Flats Cat runs in slushy mud. In December of 1998, my son Cory and I were coming out of west Matagorda Bay. We were into fish and stayed longer than planned. The tide had gone out and was extremely low. On an attempt to come back in through the canal, we just flat run out of water. We were in just slushy mud and still moving approximately 30 mph, the engine hot buzzer went off, and just knew we would be there till the next day. Then I went to a state of being pissed off, then I turned the wheel to right and stayed with it. That Flats Cat turned around with a long sweep and was headed back towards water. When we get into 3 or 4 inches of water the hot Buzzer quit and I was a happy camper with a Flats Cat. My son looked at me and said, "Dad are you going to tell anybody?" I said, "YEP." He said only Flats Cat owners will believe you."

Richmond, Texas

"I have had my Flats Cat now for a little over a year. The main thing I like about the Flats Cat is you get a smooth, dry ride. The boat kind of wobbles across the waves rather than pounding up and down through them. The ride is dry because the spray off the boats gets shot out to the sides at a low trajectory and not upwards where the wind catches it and sends it over into the boat. It can also run in super shallow water because the motor is mounted high on the transom so the prop is above the bottom of the boat. That, with the lifting action you get from the wind and water coming in through the pontoons. If you happen to run aground or drift too shallow, it is easy to push off as it doesn't get direction because water flows through the pontoons as you drift and doesn't push sideways with the wind. It also jumps out of the hole exceptionally fast which everyone comments on when their with me. All in all, it's a super boat that I am very pleased with. It definitely out performs the tunnel hull boat I had previous to this and it's just a fun boat to operate."

Corpus Christi, Texas

"I can't tell you how much my wife and I have enjoyed our Flats Cat boat. I have had two other boats made for the shallow bays here around Rockport and both were OK but the Flats Cat is the best all around flats boat that I have owned. It is the best wade fishing boat I have been on. It is a roomy, no nonsense fishing machine. The Flats Cat is the driest boat I have been on and I have been on name brand boats of 23 foot, 24 foot, and 26 foot and I have always wished that I had been on my 21 foot Flats Cat because I would not have gotten wet. My wife loves the dry smooth ride, and the amount of room you have. Another thing I love about the Flats Cat is that for fishing, sight seeing, or just exploring you can get in and out of places that other boats of this size just can't get to. My boat is a 1998 Flats Cat powered by a 88 Hp 1994 Johnson special, 4 blade 13p prop. My boat has ran in a true six inch deep water and will get up in a true 12 inches of water. It will do around 37 mph. I am also impressed by the knowledge and the helpfulness of Bill Allison. All most everyone I have taken out in my boat has been very impressed and at least two people have said they were going to buy a Flats Cat. If they do, I know a few special places I will see them again."

Rockport, Texas

"I purchased my Flats Cat this year. I have owned many boats, but can truly say I have not enjoyed a boat the way I have enjoyed my Flats Cat, there is no boat that can compare to this boat in shallow water. I have been out on days with the north wind blowing, but this did not stop the Flats Cat from letting me try. I also fish Calcasiew Lake. It is a very large lake and can get very rough. No problem for this boat--when they say shallow draft and smooth ride you can believe it. I can fish out of any boat that I choose so the best compliment I can give the Flats Cat is if I was to buy a fishing boat tomorrow, it would be a Flats Cat! Thanks!"

Hackberry, LA

"There are many things about my Flats Cat that are delightful and that are well known--ability to run in skinny water, self-bailing which makes backing down onto a beach in the surf do-able, easy cleanup, and the rest. However, only recently I appreciated the smooth, dry ride it provides in a rough chop. I had an avid fisherman friend from Scotland down for a trip the same weekend last month when the greatest northern to ever hit the state in the fall arrived. We were down in Port O'Conner and wanted to get into the lakes on the other side of Espiritu Santo and San Antonio Bay. We also wanted to be able to get back! Those bays were whipped up into whitecaps by the strong north wind. No time to wait for the weather to clear, so off we went. It was amazing how the twin hulls stepped across the heavy chop when approached at an angle. While I would be lying if I said the ride was smooth, it was acceptable at an angle and we didn't get soaked. We also got back home alive and with some specks and reds. That gave me an idea. This would be an ideal way to deal with the !@#$%& speed bumps in parking lots and side streets in Houston-- at the last second, swerve the car and take the bumps at an angle. The two tires on each side of the car act like the twin hulls on a Flats Cat and smooth those bumps and humps out. Try it and you will get a demonstration of what the Flats Cat really does to a heavy chop. Congratulations on providing such a great product for the fisherman who never know when to quit."

Houston, TX

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